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some interesting quintets.

has anyone played the Persichetti Pastorale for wind quintet? Is anyone who has played it completely amazed that Persichetti wrote it? I was listening to the CD today (without the cover) and I heard it about 5 times and thought, " that music be someone like Copland or Barber or something..." and I was amazed that it was Persichetti.

I want to hear everything you know about the piece!

Also, while we're on the topic: Has anyone played the Ligeti 6 miniatures for Wind quintet? are they difficult? are they fun to play? just so you know where I'm coming from, I'm a composer, and I'm doing a lot of work for winds these days. I'm just completing a woodwind trio (fl, cl, bsn) called "Seasoning Margaret" and then I'll be setting some William Stafford poetry for Baritone and Woodwind Quintet. I'd just like to know what works in these pieces practically for your instruments as I don't play any woodwind instrument.
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