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Hello, everybody!

My name is Andrey, I'm an oboist from Moscow, Russia. I currently work
in Russian National Orchestra under Mikhail Pletnev
(You can find my bio here - http://rubtsov.oboe.ru/bio-eng.htm).

We have quintet in my orchestra. Russian National Orchestra wind
quintet. We playing a lot in Russia and abroad.

My second major is composition. Playing in quintet inspired me 2 years
ago to write a piece for this ensemble.

Besides many performances by RNO wind quintet in Russia, Spain, USA,
in Bermuda (Bermuda music festival) it was included in concert
programms of 7 other wind ensembles who performed it in Russia,
Lithuania, Bulgaria, England and USA (GreatNotes ensemble).

In 2003 this composition inspired Bermudean choreographer Conchita Ming to create a
dance for three performers for Bermuda Music Festival. "Three Moods" has
been recorded by PentaToneClassics for release on a forthcoming CD
featuring the Russian National Orchestra Wind Quintet.

I thought, maybe this would be interesting for any You.
My style is quite conservative, more romantic, nothing avant-garde.
Here is recording of the piece:

(ca. 10 min)

(Moscow Woodwind Quintet performing)

You can look through the score here:
1: http://www.sibeliusmusic.com/cgi-bin/show_score.pl?scoreid=53627
2: http://www.sibeliusmusic.com/cgi-bin/show_score.pl?scoreid=53625
3: http://www.sibeliusmusic.com/cgi-bin/show_score.pl?scoreid=41387

If You find it interesting, I can send a lihk to free score and parts.
Andrey Rubtsov
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