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Chamber Music for Clarinet, Piano, and ?

Hi everyone! I'm currently in a violin, clarinet, piano trio at my college, working on Bartok's Contrasts. The piece is was a bit rough at first, but thanks to loads of practice and help from our coach, we can play it really well.

Now I need help picking a piece for us to work on next semester...

Our violinist is going abroad, so the pianist and I are open to any trio/quartet combination that involves clarinet and piano. What is the most challenging piece you can think of? Something at least as challenging as the Bartok. It can be for cl/vln/piano, cl/cello/piano, cl/viola/piano, cl/vln/cello/piano. We're not too keen on playing the Brahms trio, or the Mozart Kegelstatt...I know those pieces are challenging in their own way, but they're not as much fun to work on as Bartok has been!

So please, any and all suggestions are welcome!

p.s. Anyone ever work on the Hindemith Quartet (cl/vln/cello/piano...same instrumentation as Messaien's quartet for the end of time)? I have yet to listen to it, and I'm curious.

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