symphony in c (symphony_in_c) wrote in windquintetsetc,
symphony in c

hey all, my name's andrew. the maintainer of this site, imani, is a good friend of mine (and happens to be an ex-girlfriend too. but we won't go into that.) i just wanted to introduce myself to the community, and encourage everyone to post any questions they might have. i might not be able to answer them, but i'm sure somebody can!

anyway, a little about me. you got the story of the clarendon wind quintet (which hopefully will play again...someday). but until then, i'm a student at the eastman school of music, where i'm studying horn performance and instrumental music education. it's my freshman year here, so i'm still getting used to a few things, but i absolutely love it.

best of luck to anybody in a wind or brass group!
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